Archived Release Notes

Product Upgrade Release Notes

  • 8.2.512
    Most Unusual Volume Options, Options Block Trades, Halted Symbols Window, and Option Chain shows prev day’s data for Bid/Ask during Premarket.
  • 8.2.464
    Fundamentals Window, New “Large Popup”, and Stop Limit field in Order Window.
  • 8.2.441
    New Custom Order and Route Options, New Chart Functionality, and Send Hidden Instruction on Custom Orders or Routes.
  • 8.2.360
    Option Modification, Alerts window displays pending alerts, edit alerts, and Add Year High/Low to Level 2
  • 8.2.302
    P&L Graph in COE, OEW Routes Config; Add and Remove Routes on your own, and Pending Buy Shares/ Sell Shares in Pos Window.
  • 8.2.221
    Display and Cancel orders in L2, VWAP Study in Chart, and Roll Out/ Up/ In Right Click Options in Pos Page.
  • 8.2.21
    New Order Entry Window, New Level 2, Change Fonts for All Windows
  • 8.2.117
    Short Requester Window, Configure Styles for All Windows
  • 8.2.103
    VWAP Column, Support for Tick Pilot, Display Odd Lot Prints, GTC TIF
  • 8.1.90
    Trading in Charts, Chart Zooming, New Technical Analysis, New Chart Legends
  • 8.1.20
    Multi-Account Compatible, New Order Entry Popup
  • 8.1.3
    New Index Bar, New Custom Order Creation, New Look and Feel
    Options Hotbuttons and Keyboard Trading, Options Greeks
  • 8.0.35
    GTC Orders, Stop Limit Orders, Options Mini Support, New Windows Menu
  • 8.0.30
    Option Greeks, New Option L2 with Order Entry Ticket
  • 8.0.20
    Complex Options Functionality
  • 8.0.1
    Options Time and Sales Window, Copy Paste functionality, Updated Index Bar
    Import/Export Layout, Symbol Translations when Linking, Time and Sales Filtering
    Alerts Import/Export, Link Watchlist to Level 2, New Watchlist Columns
  • 7.0.216
    Primary Exchange and Time Frame Data on Watchlist, List Order Entry Additions
    New Level 1 Section of Level 2 window, Custom Color Code Order Book, Nasdaq Pegged Orders, Many New Mappable Commands
    New Chart Studies, Custom Trailing Stops, List Order Improvements
  • 7.0.160
    List Order Entry, Mappable Numpad, New Laptop Page features
  • 7.0.149
    Alerts Upgrades, Open Reports right from LST, Laptop Page
  • 7.0.140
    Trailing Stop Orders, Custom Routes, Lightspeed Chart Enhancements
  • 7.0.129
    New Lightspeed Charts, Cost Basis Price and MP&L, New Order Types
  • 7.0.118
    Data Optimiziation, NYSE Reserve Orders, BP Requirement in Confirms Window
    Block Trades Window, Clear Tier Size After Retype, Disable Closeout Order Function
    Net P&L, Most Actives, Average Price
  • 6.0.137
    New Stop Orders, Updated Ticker Alert, Running Position and Total P&L Columns in Order Book
  • 6.0.128
    Supersmart Orders, Imbalance Window, New Order Entry Window w/ Order Modification
    New Books Window, Personal Risk Settings, Hide Banner Option
  • 5.102.7
    New Level 2, Leave Pop Up Open After Sending, New Keys
  • 5.101
    BATS and EDGX Quotes, Vista Compatible, Nasdaq MOC and MOO
  • 4.7.108
    Save Recently Entered Symbol List, Show Position in Level 2, General Linking, Borrowability, MOO Orders
  • 4.6.157
    Optimized Version, Integrate NYSE Open Book in Level 2
  • 4.6.124
    Watchlist Upgrades, NYSE Refresh Orders
  • 4.6.52
    New Level 2, Custom Stop Orders, Color Your Hotbuttons
  • 4.5.105
    Lightspeed Accounts for Non-Marginable Stocks
  • 4.5.95
    Cuztomize Fonts, Markets on T&S, MOC orders, Trading Tab


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